Try the Presious Solubility Test Comparison


See for yourself the amazing results! Presious Laundry Powder has no insolubles and dissolves 100%.

It also protects against corrosion of washing machine parts. These insolubles, found in other products, will hold onto and become embedded into the washed fabric. This in turn will attract moisture and cause dampness, odour and eventual rotting of the fabric.

Compare Presious Laundry Powder


We know that other commercially available laundry powders do not dissolve totally in water because of fillers. This is proven through independent laboratory tests however you can compare and test your powder at home.

Take a glass of water and stir in half a teaspoon of your other brand laundry powder. Allow to stand and observe the insoluble residues, even after hours, days or weeks.

Thursday 26 July 2018, 2pm

One level teaspoon of six laundry powder samples dissolved in 150ml of tap water at 9am, Wednesday 11 July 2018 . Each sample was stirred 25 times. Photograph taken after sitting for two weeks.

1. Presious Super Gentle Laundry Powder
2. Similar eco/sensitive brand
3. Similar eco/sensitive brand
4. Similar eco/sensitive brand
5. Market leading brand

6. Similar eco/sensitive brand

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