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Hydrating Balm

"Fantastic product."


"I noticed some dry skin on my youngest daughter's backside the other night after her bath. I applied a small amount of Presious Advanced Protective Hydrating Balm to the dry areas — it didn’t sting her and there were no complaints. When she woke up in the morning her skin was as smooth as a baby’s bottom — literally!! I was amazed to see the results after only one use. It feels so good to know that I am not using nasty chemicals on my children." 
— Tenille

"I predominantly use Presious Advanced Protective Hydrating Balm as a hand cream — it makes my hands feel soft, smooth and hydrated without leaving a greasy residue."


"I recently bought Presious Advanced Protective Hydrating Balm which feels great so far. I thought it might be a little oily but it absorbs really fast leaving your skin feeling soft and hydrated."

Laundry Powder


"Presious Super Gentle Laundry Powder leaves our clothes clean and feeling fresh. Dirty clothes from school and kinder clean easily without the need for stain removers. My eldest daughter has suffered with dry skin in the past, that I attributed to the type of laundry products I was using, so now I carefully consider what products I wash our laundry in. Presious gives me peace of mind in knowing that my daughter will not break out with any dry itchy spots from her freshly laundered clothes." 
— Tenille

"We have been using Presious Super Gentle Laundry Powder and Presious Super Gentle Fabric Softener for about two months now, Our clothes smell and feel amazing! Our kids used to suffer from eczema but since switching to Presious it has all disappeared!"

Fabric Softener


"I washed a new set of sheets for the first time and used Presious Super Gentle Fabric Softener. They came out feeling really soft and fluffy and there was no overpowering smell that you can sometimes get with fabric softeners. I like that you don’t need to use a lot to get a fantastic result." 


"My towels came out beautifully soft and fluffy after using Presious Super Gentle Fabric Softener. I was very surprised how far the liquid goes! I use the smallest dispenser in my top-loader which turns out to be a perfect 10ml. 150 washes is enormously great value for one bottle of liquid freshness. And to top it off, I'm close enough to Altona that I can buy it directly at the factory saving me money on postage."



"I have nothing but great words to say about these products." 

— Tenille

"It's wonderful to see such high-quality products being made by a local company who really care about the impact they have on our environment. I had no idea about solubility or fillers in laundry powders until I was shown the Presious Test. To think that all that extra gunk, left over from other powders once the washing cycle is done, is sticking to our "clean" clothes and/or going back into our waterways is quite alarming."

— Narelle

"A great line of products, and I look forward to seeing more!"

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